Siteboss Bracing

At Siteboss, we get a lot of questions about recommended bracing techniques when constructing basement walls.  Our response, first and foremost, is that you can never have too much bracing!  So when in doubt, add additional reinforcement to your bracing, rather than have it fall short.

The more detailed response is to plan on bracing any concrete walls that have a span of 20 feet or more, with the bracing concentrated between the window wells.  (See the diagram below.)  Remember, wall bracing does not guarantee that concrete walls won’t crack or fail in any way.  Extended curing time is the best solution for achieving superior concrete strength.  Once concrete is fully set, backfill can be done. Then steel placement and first-floor deck construction may begin a short while after backfill is completed.

If you have more questions regarding the construction procedure for your site, call the experts at Siteboss!

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